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MeAt Our Team


Hometown: Shreveport, LA

Self-Described As: Efficient, considerate, driven

Favorite Sausage: Chistora

Favorite Sandwich: Cheeseburger

Best Concert Ever: I went to a Radio Head show in Belgium back when I studying abroad in college — that was pretty incredible.

Favorite Restaurant: Bacchanal in New Orleans

Favorite Movie: Fast & Furious (the entire franchise)

Typically Drinking: Tequila

Forever Obsessed With: Cheeseburgers


Hometown: Melbourne, AR

Self-Described As: Curious, competitive, honest

Favorite Sausage: Roasted Garlic & Fennel

Favorite Sandwich: Cubano

Best Concert Ever: Dave Rawlings Machine at The Ryman in January 2018

Most Embarrassing Concert Ever: Matchbox 20 at The Pyramid circa 1997 (Oddly enough, this is the #1 concert Wesley he wishes he had gone to)

Favorite Watering Hole: I don’t go to bars; I have a 1-year-old and 4-year-old!

Guilty Pleasure: Fast food and gummy bears

Forever Obsessed With: Cookbooks (he has literally….hundreds of them)


Hometown: Well, I don’t have just one. I was born in Huntsville, AL, but I’ve lived in Germany, Indonesia, Uganda, Ecuador, Washington DC, Virginia, Arizona, Louisiana, and now Tennessee.

Self-Described As: Creative, inquisitive

Favorite Sausage: Bratwurst

Favorite Sandwich: Beef Tongue

Most Frequented Watering Hole: Rosie’s Twin Kegs (Karaoke, anyone?)

Favorite Restaurant: Smiling Elephant

Fun Fact: I actually painted all of the meat paintings that hang in the shop

Forever Obsessed With: Johnny Depp

Guilty Pleasure: Video games (Currently: CivSix)


Hometown: Nashville, TN

Self-Described As: Caring, tender, humorous

Favorite Sausage: Linguiça

Favorite Sandwich: Cheeseburger

Hidden Talent: Music. I play both guitar and drums, and I’m the drummer for a metal band called Terrible People. (We’re not really terrible people)

#1 News Source: NPR — especially The Moth

Forever Obsessed With: Prince

Favorite Restaurant: Taqueria San Luis on Harding Place

Favorite Movie: Mean Girls


Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba / SoCal

Self-Described As: Lonely, Careful, Wise

Favorite Sausage: Hot Link

Favorite Sandwich: Cheeseburger

Most Embarrassing Concert: Avril Lavigne, when I was about 12

Most Frequented Watering Hole: Wilburn St. Tavern

Guilty Pleasure: Mean Girls (explains why he and Jonas get along)

Spirit of Choice: Rum

Favorite Restaurant: BokBox