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Beef Jerky: Our Favorite Super Snack

digitalengagehelp August 19, 2020 0 Comments

Beef Jerky: Our Favorite Super Snack

Popular though it has always been, beef jerky has come a long way from [our memory of] its humble beginnings. A snack that came into focus while trolling for treats at the gas station or grocery store, the jerky we knew as kids — exclusively to be consumed before a soccer game or as a diversion to a hellishly long road trip — was palatable at best.

The long and skinny, waxy red-brown ropes of protein tasted very salty, smelled a little smoky, had texture that kind of resembled meat, and often times ripped apart while trying to extract the savory snack from its plastic casing. They were neither distinctively enjoyable nor satisfactorily filling, yet we were drawn to that bright yellow packaging like moths to a flame.

Today however, the jerky market has changed. Many in the industry are opting for better ingredients, less additives, and a more wholesome product that feels and tastes more like real jerky should. But there’s one brand in particular that puts those highly processed, imitation meat sticks to shame: Bare Bones Butcher.

(Why, who did you think we were going to say?)

One of our most popular specialty products, our thick, cowboy style beef jerky is what we like to think of as a super snack. Made simply with thin-sliced Bear Creek Farm beef and marinated in a mix of beef stock, Worcestershire, BBB Bone Rub, and a few other *secret* ingredients, our beef jerky is made with real, recognizable products, resulting in an actually-wholesome snack.

No preservatives, no MSG, and no nitrates mean our beef jerky is no problem — just a tasty, protein-packed snack.

Enjoy a slice of jerky at your desk the next time you need a little boost of brain power. Tuck a few slices into your jersey next time you head out on a bike ride and see what the power of locally-raised beef can do to power your legs. Or the next time you reach for a protein bar to fuel your camping trip, consider swapping a fructose-filled bar with all-natural animal protein, and see the difference from consuming real, wholesome ingredients.

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